A Short Intro to Micro-gaming

intro to microgaming 2018

When we think of online video slots, we have a few companies that come to mind. More than just the casinos we play at, we have online video game developers. There is a lot of history behind the evolution of video slots into the high graphics games they are today.

Ti speaks on the history of video games and not mention Microgaming would be nearly a sin.gbe true pioneer and the company that leapt faith to start something no one had a vision of before. The company is by far one of the largest and most consistent in the market.

Many years ago back in 1994 when no one was creating online gambling games, Microgaming took a chance and started offering online games. The company was the first to pioneer such a venture, and it did not do well for the first few months. The idea of gambling online was such a foreign concept that most people thought if it as a scam at first.

This is why the company decided to push on and educate people on the benefits of playing wherever you are with animated games. Soon the company picked up speed and got their footing in the online video slots world. Find all of my existing posts and future ones on the main page HERE.


After a few more companies came out doing the same Microgaming decided that they could make more money licensing their games rather than running an entire online casino. This is how they chose to keep at game creation and leave the online casino running to other companies. With this in mind they set out to create hundreds of new games and are to date one of the best sources for online gaming slots in the world.

For a company to be among the first in an industry and not fade away or get passed over by the younger generation is truly commendable.


Because Microgaming decided to focus on the creation of games rather than running a casino they now have some of the best-built games in the market with multiple features and tons of bonuses to give out. The company is responsible for some of giving lost favourite online games to date. More casino owners and personal players will pick a game created by Microgaming over another company because they are assured of the high-quality products they receive


Microgaming still owns several online casinos, and they have their services installed online. You can access the casinos via their site. The company stands out because it creates more titles in given period than any other developer. They have more than 800 games to their name. They are also part of the eCOGRA organisation. This helps with good gambling and responsible gambling practices.

No Deposit Casino – What is it and how does it work?

No deposit casino

A new term you may have seen trending in the mobile casino world is “No deposit casino” – but what is this exactly? With the live casino realm so populated with different gambling companies, new advertising techniques have sprung up to entice new users. One of these marketing schemes is called sign up bonuses.

Live casino business that gives you an opportunity to start gambling straight away without depositing a penny. We know what you are thinking that cannot be right, how can I win money without actually making a deposit. Well, this is not entirely that simple, as always there are always some terms and conditions to get through. Do not fear though, today we have prepared on an article to walk you through no deposit casino. Here we will explain what it is and how does it work.

Online mobile casino websites are every rising so it can be difficult to select which one to use. A great way gambling companies are attracting new players is through registering bonuses. Read on to find out what no deposit casino is and how it works.

What is the difference between this and normal sign up bonuses?

Well, the difference is in the name this bonus means when you sign up you get the credit bonus without making a deposit. Essentially it is a marketing ploy it is how casinos let people know they exist and try to get you signed up. You will find that these bonuses are not quite as big as the normal deposit sign up bonuses, but this is not a scam. These offers do exist and it is possible to win real money.

Kinds of No Deposit Casino

There are actually many different forms of bonuses that live casinos are offering. What we think the best practice for you is to sign up to several and find out what you prefer. This way you can establish what your favourite sort of gambling live casinos are. The primary type is exactly how it is worded, you create an account and receive some free credit. Generally, you will be looking at £5 or £10 only. Still, this does let you have a quick gamble and see how the casino works.

Extra Spins at No Deposit Casino 2018

A different type of sign up bonus is found with slot machines. This comes in the form of extra spins instead of credit. The ad you read will probably say something like “50 extra spins no deposit casino required.” and rest assured there is no risk with these sign-up bonuses. If you win then that money is real. However, extra spin bonuses are often set up to be used on one slot machine. And we have noticed that live casinos like to set them up on the ones where the jackpot is not so big.

New players only

What we can say is that these bonuses are reserved for the most part for new players. If you have already signed up and regularly gamble on that website then the offer is not for you. Remember these are marketing ploys to bring in more players. However, do not be sad if you are not a new player. With more players on the gambling platform, it means the jackpots for you will increase!

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A great way to keep track of New No Deposit Casino 2018 in the United Kingdom is to follow https://www.new-onlinecasinos.uk/no-deposit-casino/. Good luck and remember to have fun!

What are Casino Bonuses? How do they work?

Bonus Casino

Casino Bonus

Freebies, giveaways, bonuses and incentives – these are the magic words that entice players to engage more in casino games. However, these still need to be thoroughly analysed especially the terms and conditions attached herein. By getting an insight into the most excellent casino bonus helps enhance your winnings substantially.

What Are Casino Bonuses?

A lot of online casinos these days are offering a sign-up bonus to their new players before their first deposit. These are provided to some subsequent players, too. Casino bonuses are always in a marketing form incurring a specific cost. Casinos give away an amount to wager a particular quantity to the player before allowing him or her to withdraw.
Since most online casinos have their house edge, wagering requirements assure that players cannot just walk away. This is also especially right after they have claimed their bonus. These conditions are insisted upon to make it sure that players will never get negative expectations. This is also especially right after they have deposited but were not able to claim the bonus.

History of Casino Bonus

In the past few years, online casinos make use of some of the necessary tools to attract some players. This way, they will get into their site and make some cash deposits. During the year 1990’s, there were already some welcome bonuses offered to the players. These allowed casino sites to provide for more generous rewards. However, there are some few regulations that players must consider. But, most casinos have lost their money due to these offers.
This is where casino bonuses come into play. During this time, players are required to make cash deposits before claiming for bonuses. Players were able to utilise the cash to get more winnings. As online gambling industries, these days started to grow; more casino bonuses are offered by online casino sites.

Different Kinds of Casino Bonuses

As far as casino bonuses are concerned, there are lots of bonuses that you can be entitled to have.

Welcome, Bonus

This is a deposit match type of bonus which serves as your first deposit. This sometimes comes in different packages. This is usually given to match the first two or even three deposits you have.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonus usually enters into two types; one for the referrer and the other one for the referee. The referee gets a bonus when he or she registers an account to a casino and were able to mention referrer. A referrer can also get a bonus when the referee has already completed the requirements needed by the casino.

Insurance or Cashback Bonus

These bonuses are primarily offered as a percentage of every player in every loss they have obtained in a casino game.

No Deposit Bonus

This is a kind of bonus which can be claimed entirely even without depositing any amount of money. This is offered to be able to attract more and more players.

How to Get Casino Bonus?

An online casino player needs to be aware of some considerations before getting casino bonuses. First and foremost, one must fully understand the wagering requirements are necessary to complete before claiming a bonus. One also needs to consider the percentage that he or she gets. As you know these things, rest assured that you can get casino bonus without experiencing any difficulty at all.