A Short Intro to Micro-gaming

intro to microgaming 2018

When we think of online video slots, we have a few companies that come to mind. More than just the casinos we play at, we have online video game developers. There is a lot of history behind the evolution of video slots into the high graphics games they are today.

Ti speaks on the history of video games and not mention Microgaming would be nearly a sin.gbe true pioneer and the company that leapt faith to start something no one had a vision of before. The company is by far one of the largest and most consistent in the market.

Many years ago back in 1994 when no one was creating online gambling games, Microgaming took a chance and started offering online games. The company was the first to pioneer such a venture, and it did not do well for the first few months. The idea of gambling online was such a foreign concept that most people thought if it as a scam at first.

This is why the company decided to push on and educate people on the benefits of playing wherever you are with animated games. Soon the company picked up speed and got their footing in the online video slots world. Find all of my existing posts and future ones on the main page HERE.


After a few more companies came out doing the same Microgaming decided that they could make more money licensing their games rather than running an entire online casino. This is how they chose to keep at game creation and leave the online casino running to other companies. With this in mind they set out to create hundreds of new games and are to date one of the best sources for online gaming slots in the world.

For a company to be among the first in an industry and not fade away or get passed over by the younger generation is truly commendable.


Because Microgaming decided to focus on the creation of games rather than running a casino they now have some of the best-built games in the market with multiple features and tons of bonuses to give out. The company is responsible for some of giving lost favourite online games to date. More casino owners and personal players will pick a game created by Microgaming over another company because they are assured of the high-quality products they receive


Microgaming still owns several online casinos, and they have their services installed online. You can access the casinos via their site. The company stands out because it creates more titles in given period than any other developer. They have more than 800 games to their name. They are also part of the eCOGRA organisation. This helps with good gambling and responsible gambling practices.

Why do Poker Cards look like they do?

how are poker cards made

Evolution of playing cards

Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing different types of card games, and even centuries ago, this was always in vogue in some form or the other. Some of the typical games that are played- cribbage, bridge, rummy, Poker and many others.

There are many versions of Poker- a card game which is played in casinos, homes and clubs either for money or matchsticks. It’s a game that requires skill and a lot of luck. The first playing cards appear to have originated in China, from where it spread to Egypt and then to Europe in the 14th century.

A “standard” deck has 52 playing cards- 4 suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs with each litigation containing 13 cards Ace-10, Queen, Jack, and King.

So why do poker cards look like they do? A peek into its design history will tell you.

How design patterns evolved

Card makers in Europe initially depicted 12 characters and used symbols such as batons, swords, chalice, rings and coins. Woodblock cut in relief was printed on the cards and then coloured either by hand or stencils. The two main design patterns favourite in Europe were the Parisian design and the Rouennais design. The 12 court cards, originally meant to represent the King, cavalier and servant got a facelift when the French added the Queen and the Ace. Simple stamps were used for the numbered cards, and only the court cards were created from woodblock illustrations.

Although many countries in Europe still have their decks and suits, the English and American packs followed the Rouennais design. In one French suit, Spades represented the military, clubs- agriculture, diamonds- the merchant class during the heart- the Church.

English and French playing cards

When the import of foreign playing cards was banned in England in 1628, the French Rouen designs were altered. While some Germanic countries made their suits to represent Hearts, leaves, acorns and bells, England and France went with spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Three face cards- the Jack, Queen and King were introduced. The cards depicted elegant persons donning court costumes relating to that period. Though the Jack of Hearts and King of diamonds were shown in profile initially, the later artisans changed the design to the one that is in vogue today. Over time, numbers and letters were added in the corners, and American decks depicted these in 1875. With the evolution in design, famous royal figures were ascribed to each court card making

Some interesting facts about poker cards

Interestingly, the numerical value of a whole pack of cards is 364– assuming a jack is 11, a queen is 12 and a king 13. The addition of one of the joker makes 365, which is equal to a whole year. Many theories were floated as to why there are 52 cards in a deck. The thirteen cards in each suit are said to represent the thirteen lunar cycles, while the four seasons are represented by the four suits.  The 52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year.

So the next time your play Poker, be sure to dwell upon its history a little. Find all my blog entries at the main page http://uknewcasinos.co.uk/.

My thoughts about Free Spins

UK Free Spins Casino

Free Spins

The most exciting thing about online casino games is at the time that you already have reached free spin phase. This is simply one of the most-loved features in any online casinos. Moreover, this is a part of casino bonus features that lets you appreciate it more for not using your money.
Free spin is rewarded as promotion part and is often gained from any bonus features while playing a casino game. All the winnings obtained from these free spins are turned into money if they have been a part of the promotion.

What Are FreeSpins?

Freespins are a chance given to you to spin casino slot reel for free. Most of the online casinos these days come along with free spins to help you win cash for free. These have also been a part of welcome bonus packages. These are usually awarded to those players after registering into an online casino account or before depositing any amount.
Deposit bonuses are usually covered by the initial three deposits you have. These free spins are just included as an extra reward for your deposits. A lot of online casinos these days offer free spin that serves as an incentive for players to join in your team. This is also paired up with some deposit bonuses to make it more attractive.

Different Types of Free Spins

Take a closer look at the different types of free spins for you to be more aware of them.
1. Classic FreeSpin
This is a free spin recognized by almost all online casino players. These are the ones that you will benefit right after becoming a player of the site. You could also benefit from this spin if you make your first deposits. However, this usually comes with wagering requirements that you need to complete.
2. No Deposit FreeSpin
These are free spins that no longer require you of making any deposits just so you can earn. These have also been a part of welcome bonus as you sign up into a credited online casino account. You could use of these spins when you want to play games and win some real money.
3. Free Spin Through Deposit Bonus
The idea for this spin is just so very simple. You are required to make deposits to receive a lot of free spins. These free spins are usually obtained from ranges starting from ten to fifty spins. Usually, your main goal here is to play to earn real money.
4. Free Spin Through Rewards
There are also free spins that are usually given through different types of loyalty programs. These are not the usual free spin bonuses given by online casinos. This is because some just end up losing their money with this spin.

How to Get FreeSpins?

There are online casinos that usually place some strict conditions governing free spins like on how you get them. These specific conditions inform you of some wagering requirements that have been attached to winning these free spins. This is known as a control strategy by some casinos to make sure that you will not wipe out their accounts.


It is essential for you to consider fine prints as far as free spins are concerned. Also, determine if they really complement well with playing goal. But, one thing is sure and that is to make use of free spins to enjoy a fun playing experience. Due to some certain conditions, a fun and exciting playing experience might get stopped and might get killed. And thus, your winning will just become really harder. Hence, if you really want to play fun with free spins, be sure to have a clear picture of what really they are.







The Slot Machine and Slots

UK Slots 2018

History of Slots

The history of slots began in the late 19th century when a machine was made with five drums showing poker hands. But, due to the enormous number of possible combinations in slot machines, the automatic payout for each combination is nearly impossible to achieve. The prizes instead are free cigars, beers, or drinks. Then Charles Fey invented a new slot based on the original one. It has three reels rather than five drums and five signs rather than ten cards. Charles was then able to work out automatic payouts for each combination as the number of possible combinations is considerably reduced. One of the five symbols is the Liberty Bell that gave the slot its name; others are diamonds, horseshoes, hearts and spades. Then imitators devised their slots the same to the Liberty Bell, however with diverse signs and diverse prizes. This is when slots feature fruits like melon and cherry which you will still see today.

What is Slot?

A slot machine or popularly known as fruit machine in the UK, is a gambling device functioned using dropping tokens or coins into a slot. You need to push or pull the handle to activate the reel marked into straight segments by changing signs. A slot machine pays off through dropping into a channel or a cup from 2 to the entire coins inside the machine. It all depends on how and how the symbols assemble when you rotate the reels and stop. Typical symbols utilised include card suits, stars, numbers like #7, diverse pictured fruits like plums, cherries, lemons, oranges as well as the words bar and jackpot. The word slot machine was formerly utilised for the automatic vending machine. However, in the twentieth century, it refers to wholly to gambling instruments.

Types of Slots

It is very essential to know the various kinds of slot machines to maximise your experience in playing this game. The sheer option and selection of the diverse slots games could be overwhelming. Here are the various types of slots games.

• 3 Reel Classic SlotMachines
These are the basis and foundation for all contemporary slot games. It has some symbols that when lineup players will win. This is very popular today due to the excitement they provide.

• Multi-Pay LineSlot
Another type of slots is the multi-pay line slots. This provides the possibility to take on a single or many pay line.

• Video Slot
A video slot is also very popular. This enabled the introduction of free rounds, bonus games as well as progressive jackpots.

• Progressive Slotts
Progressive slots came about after the discovery of video slots. In this slot, the jackpot increase until someone wins, this works like a lottery. Another very popular slot is the 3-D Slots. This was made to keep slots fascinating and exciting to players.


Slotts have a colourful and long background and are a remarkable product of the technological and industrial revolutions. Today, there are lots of diverse kinds of slott available. It is best to just choose the game wisely. Always keep in mind to enjoy and play responsibly.