New Online Casino Games 2018 | Slots & Games today and in the future!

New Online casino games

What makes online casino gaming more and more popular? We have already been discussing all the different casino bonuses that are given to all players in online casino business today. This is a big incentive for playing, obviously. But we do, however, believe that it is more to it. Never before have so many different game providers been active in this business. And almost all the new slot games 2018 really need to stand out, due to the large number of products. To see some of the most interesting new video slots right now have a look at Slot games, in general, are getting more and more popular among the crowd, a result of the great technological advancement we have noticed in the last two or three years. This along with live casino, which makes it possible to almost be at a real casino from your couch back home, have together resulted in a great increase of online casino gaming of today. Continue reading about what’s so special about new online casino games 2018 and what they hold in store in the future.

Competition results in technological progress

One of the main reasons why slots and other games have progressed so much last years is the great competition among more and more game providers. Microgaming, the largest provider in the world, was almost alone 10 years ago. Today, we experience something else. NetEnt, Betsoft, Thunderkick, and Yggdrasil are just some of the new gaming providers we get in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Betsoft has really shown the players what they are able to expect when it comes to animations and graphics. In a similar way has NetEnt become the most popular provider among many players all over the world and taken game features to the next level. You will see “avalanche mode”, wild symbols in a large variety and different bonus features for every single game. NetEnt has also started official collaborations with bands, artist and movies. Something that has turned into a great success for the company. Read more about NetEnt and all their new online casino games here:

Live Casino – The way it supposed to be

Even though video slots and video table games are nice, there is something about actually seeing a real person. With the live casino getting better and better, we really think that this way of gaming will grow during the next coming years. This may also be the best compatible game when it comes to VR technology, something that we will see even more of real soon. The live casino today gives you almost every kind of game that you can play at an actual, land-based, casino.

New Online Casino Games in the Future

We have come a long way already, and today we experience a lot of cool features and nice animations that we could only dream of just a couple of years back. However, with the constantly growing technical advancement and faster and faster connections, we will only see better and better games. VR, Virtual Reality, is knocking on the door in every kind of gaming of today. Also with the new online casino games. We have gotten a taste of it so far, but will probably get a lot more of that soon. It is exciting times to play at online casinos and it will continue in that way in the future, trust us!