Find out more about No Deposit Bonus

UK No Deposit 2018With the advent of the internet, gambling has taken one more form than the existing brick and mortar form. They are online casinos. Online casinos are similar in play as a regular casino. To use them you can either play them online, or you can download casino software on your computer and play. Because such casinos require decidedly less overhead, there are many such casinos running online. This means more competition among them. To attract new players, these casinos offer various marketing gimmicks. One of the most popular marketing gimmicks is No deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus means that certain amount of money is available for the player without depositing the casino. The reward can be in the form of cash, free spins, free play etc. This can be claimed after fulfilling specific betting requirements.

Different types of No Deposit Bonus

The bonus is more closely linked to cash, but not all deposit bonuses need be in the form of cash. Different casinos offer different types of No deposit bonus. Some of the common forms of no deposit bonus are:

  1. Cashable bonus: Some amount of money is offered as a bonus. The player can use this amount to play bets. When he withdraws his winnings the bonus amount is included.
  2. Non-cashable bonus: Player can use the bonus amount to play. But at the time of withdrawing his winnings, the bonus amount is deducted from his total winnings.
  3. Free spins: Instead of offering money, the casino can offer specific free spins to the player.
  4. Free play: This is in the form of free chips that a player can use in a particular time frame only.

How to Bet No Deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is usually given to new customers of the site. This is done to make them open their account with the casino. It comes in the form of some codes- promotional or coupon. The advantage of this type of bonus is that the player is not risking his money to play. He can also claim the winnings that he earned by betting the bonus. The deposit bonus is not available for all games. Before using the no deposit bonus, it is crucial to read all the terms and conditions carefully. In case of any doubt, it should be cleared before playing. A person also has the option of declining the bonus and using his own money to play.

How to withdraw No Deposit Bonus

Different casinos have different rules for using no deposit bonus. The games that can be played would depend upon the bonus package. There are specific betting requirements too that need to be fulfilled before claiming the bonus amount. It is required that the player bets the bonus amount a certain number of times. Then only he is eligible to withdraw his winnings. Generally, at the time of paying out, the amount can be withdrawal automatically. Very rarely a person would need help from the casino support team to withdraw the money. The player needs to exercise caution while using such bonuses and be clear about all terms and conditions.