A Short Intro to Micro-gaming

intro to microgaming 2018

When we think of online video slots, we have a few companies that come to mind. More than just the casinos we play at, we have online video game developers. There is a lot of history behind the evolution of video slots into the high graphics games they are today.

Ti speaks on the history of video games and not mention Microgaming would be nearly a sin.gbe true pioneer and the company that leapt faith to start something no one had a vision of before. The company is by far one of the largest and most consistent in the market.

Many years ago back in 1994 when no one was creating online gambling games, Microgaming took a chance and started offering online games. The company was the first to pioneer such a venture, and it did not do well for the first few months. The idea of gambling online was such a foreign concept that most people thought if it as a scam at first.

This is why the company decided to push on and educate people on the benefits of playing wherever you are with animated games. Soon the company picked up speed and got their footing in the online video slots world. Find all of my existing posts and future ones on the main page HERE.


After a few more companies came out doing the same Microgaming decided that they could make more money licensing their games rather than running an entire online casino. This is how they chose to keep at game creation and leave the online casino running to other companies. With this in mind they set out to create hundreds of new games and are to date one of the best sources for online gaming slots in the world.

For a company to be among the first in an industry and not fade away or get passed over by the younger generation is truly commendable.


Because Microgaming decided to focus on the creation of games rather than running a casino they now have some of the best-built games in the market with multiple features and tons of bonuses to give out. The company is responsible for some of giving lost favourite online games to date. More casino owners and personal players will pick a game created by Microgaming over another company because they are assured of the high-quality products they receive


Microgaming still owns several online casinos, and they have their services installed online. You can access the casinos via their site. The company stands out because it creates more titles in given period than any other developer. They have more than 800 games to their name. They are also part of the eCOGRA organisation. This helps with good gambling and responsible gambling practices.