Winning chances: Online vs. Land casinos

Landbased UK Casino 2018All types of gambling games are offered in online casinos as well as land casinos. Most people would say that winning percentage in both casinos is equal. People argue how it is possible that the location of playing would change the winning percentage. But people who have studied both the casino mediums have a different point of view. As per studies, online casinos have higher winning rate than land casinos.

Some online games have lower house edge

Online blackjack is a game that is favoured over land blackjack. The reason is simple. Blackjack is a game of probability. With lesser decks the likelihood of being dealt particular card increases. This would, in turn, reduce the house edge. It is easier to know house edge in online games. Hence, if a person has some strategy in place, he can pick a winning blackjack game in online casinos. This is not possible in land casinos. Similarly, is the case of roulette. European roulette has a lower house edge. Because of place constraints, land casinos do not house a variety of games. Thus, if there is American roulette in place, you will not find European roulette. Online casinos are not space constrained. There are a variety of games a person to pick from. He can easily play European roulette that has better pay-outs.

Online casinos offer better monetary deals

Online casinos cannot offer meals or drinks. They do not offer any social benefit too. All this is compensated by providing bonuses. Players are offered free play or money that they can use to play online casinos games.  Another way they try to compensate is by lowering the house edge. For example, slots are programmed in such a way that the house edge is higher. Online casinos can lower the house edge of online slots to attract more customers.  Online video poker also has higher pay-outs. Because of lower infrastructure costs (bills and rents), online casinos can afford more customers to win.

Psychological advantage

The environment plays an essential role in any gambler’s psychology. Land casino environment can be a bit confusing or intimidating. A person might be required to queue up for his turn. In case of online casinos, a person is comfortably seated at his home. He is relaxed and hence can focus more on game on hand. This is helpful in games that require some measure of skill like blackjack or poker. With no confusing non-verbal gestures around, people can pay attention to their game only. There are no distractions either. Land casinos ambience is such that a person sometimes forgets time and gambles away the whole night. This might lead to increased losses.  With online casino, a person is well aware of the time and knows when to step down from a game.

Online casinos have an advantage over land casinos when various environmental, financial and technical aspects are compared. Online casinos provide a variety of games. They have better payouts, high return to player percentages and lower house edge.