Payment at new online casinos 2019


Banking and payment alternatives are significant in a new online casino. Players are looking for safe, secure and fast means of payment. Likewise, players love variety. Some payment methods are available to players from selected countries. Likewise, players from some other countries are restricted. There are those that charge additional fees. Similarly, some methods are faster than the others. Hence, we present a summary of some of the payment alternatives in a new online casino that matters.


PayPal is a popular payment method. It is free to use. Also, it is fast, safe and open to players from different parts of the world. Despite that it is accessible, fast and reliable, it is not very common. So, you should confirm whether the new online casino offers PayPal before you sign up.


MasterCard, unlike PayPal, is very popular. There is hardly any new online casino where you will not find MasterCard as a medium of payment. It offers a very secure payment option. However, it is not an option if your concern is speed.  In many platforms, cashout using this method takes up to 5 days. Also, it is not free to use.


If you are looking for a quick method, then chose a new online casino that has Neteller. There is hardly any new online casino without Neteller. It is very fast. Usually, deposits are made instantly. However, withdrawals take hours. However, it is generally excluded from bonuses.


VISA (debit or credit) is accepted in many countries. This explains why it is popular. It is similar to MasterCard in many ways. Hence, while it secures, it is usually slow and may incur extra charges.


Cryptocurrency is global. However, it is not popular in many platforms. So, this depends on you as the player. If you feel that you have some coins and need a new online casino that would accept and make payments using bitcoin, then your choice is justified. Payments using bitcoin is usually fast and secure.


Many new online casinos accept Ecopayz.  It belongs to the class of electronic wallets. This means that is safe and fast. This payment method allows payment in more than 40 different currencies, but it is open to players from Canada alone.


The ideal is the perfect option for Dutch players. It is straightforward to use and offers a speedy and secure payment alternative.


This is another cool option for Canadian players. InstaDebit offers a safe and fast payment option to players. This method is not standard in all new online casinos.


This is a fast and reliable payment alternative that is available to players from Sweden. Luckily, it is rare to find any new online casino that does not offer Zimpler.


This is an electronic payment alternative for Swedish players. Trustly is also a popular choice for Swedish players. It is used for both withdrawals and deposits. Also, there is no service fee for using this service.

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A Short Intro to Micro-gaming

intro to microgaming 2018

When we think of online video slots, we have a few companies that come to mind. More than just the casinos we play at, we have online video game developers. There is a lot of history behind the evolution of video slots into the high graphics games they are today.

Ti speaks on the history of video games and not mention Microgaming would be nearly a sin.gbe true pioneer and the company that leapt faith to start something no one had a vision of before. The company is by far one of the largest and most consistent in the market.

Many years ago back in 1994 when no one was creating online gambling games, Microgaming took a chance and started offering online games. The company was the first to pioneer such a venture, and it did not do well for the first few months. The idea of gambling online was such a foreign concept that most people thought if it as a scam at first.

This is why the company decided to push on and educate people on the benefits of playing wherever you are with animated games. Soon the company picked up speed and got their footing in the online video slots world. Find all of my existing posts and future ones on the main page HERE.


After a few more companies came out doing the same Microgaming decided that they could make more money licensing their games rather than running an entire online casino. This is how they chose to keep at game creation and leave the online casino running to other companies. With this in mind they set out to create hundreds of new games and are to date one of the best sources for online gaming slots in the world.

For a company to be among the first in an industry and not fade away or get passed over by the younger generation is truly commendable.


Because Microgaming decided to focus on the creation of games rather than running a casino they now have some of the best-built games in the market with multiple features and tons of bonuses to give out. The company is responsible for some of giving lost favourite online games to date. More casino owners and personal players will pick a game created by Microgaming over another company because they are assured of the high-quality products they receive


Microgaming still owns several online casinos, and they have their services installed online. You can access the casinos via their site. The company stands out because it creates more titles in given period than any other developer. They have more than 800 games to their name. They are also part of the eCOGRA organisation. This helps with good gambling and responsible gambling practices.

Why do Poker Cards look like they do?

how are poker cards made

Evolution of playing cards

Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing different types of card games, and even centuries ago, this was always in vogue in some form or the other. Some of the typical games that are played- cribbage, bridge, rummy, Poker and many others.

There are many versions of Poker- a card game which is played in casinos, homes and clubs either for money or matchsticks. It’s a game that requires skill and a lot of luck. The first playing cards appear to have originated in China, from where it spread to Egypt and then to Europe in the 14th century.

A “standard” deck has 52 playing cards- 4 suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs with each litigation containing 13 cards Ace-10, Queen, Jack, and King.

So why do poker cards look like they do? A peek into its design history will tell you.

How design patterns evolved

Card makers in Europe initially depicted 12 characters and used symbols such as batons, swords, chalice, rings and coins. Woodblock cut in relief was printed on the cards and then coloured either by hand or stencils. The two main design patterns favourite in Europe were the Parisian design and the Rouennais design. The 12 court cards, originally meant to represent the King, cavalier and servant got a facelift when the French added the Queen and the Ace. Simple stamps were used for the numbered cards, and only the court cards were created from woodblock illustrations.

Although many countries in Europe still have their decks and suits, the English and American packs followed the Rouennais design. In one French suit, Spades represented the military, clubs- agriculture, diamonds- the merchant class during the heart- the Church.

English and French playing cards

When the import of foreign playing cards was banned in England in 1628, the French Rouen designs were altered. While some Germanic countries made their suits to represent Hearts, leaves, acorns and bells, England and France went with spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. Three face cards- the Jack, Queen and King were introduced. The cards depicted elegant persons donning court costumes relating to that period. Though the Jack of Hearts and King of diamonds were shown in profile initially, the later artisans changed the design to the one that is in vogue today. Over time, numbers and letters were added in the corners, and American decks depicted these in 1875. With the evolution in design, famous royal figures were ascribed to each court card making

Some interesting facts about poker cards

Interestingly, the numerical value of a whole pack of cards is 364– assuming a jack is 11, a queen is 12 and a king 13. The addition of one of the joker makes 365, which is equal to a whole year. Many theories were floated as to why there are 52 cards in a deck. The thirteen cards in each suit are said to represent the thirteen lunar cycles, while the four seasons are represented by the four suits.  The 52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year.

So the next time your play Poker, be sure to dwell upon its history a little. Find all my blog entries at the main page

New Online Casino Games 2018 | Slots & Games today and in the future!

New Online casino games

What makes online casino gaming more and more popular? We have already been discussing all the different casino bonuses that are given to all players in online casino business today. This is a big incentive for playing, obviously. But we do, however, believe that it is more to it. Never before have so many different game providers been active in this business. And almost all the new slot games 2018 really need to stand out, due to the large number of products. To see some of the most interesting new video slots right now have a look at Slot games, in general, are getting more and more popular among the crowd, a result of the great technological advancement we have noticed in the last two or three years. This along with live casino, which makes it possible to almost be at a real casino from your couch back home, have together resulted in a great increase of online casino gaming of today. Continue reading about what’s so special about new online casino games 2018 and what they hold in store in the future.

Competition results in technological progress

One of the main reasons why slots and other games have progressed so much last years is the great competition among more and more game providers. Microgaming, the largest provider in the world, was almost alone 10 years ago. Today, we experience something else. NetEnt, Betsoft, Thunderkick, and Yggdrasil are just some of the new gaming providers we get in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Betsoft has really shown the players what they are able to expect when it comes to animations and graphics. In a similar way has NetEnt become the most popular provider among many players all over the world and taken game features to the next level. You will see “avalanche mode”, wild symbols in a large variety and different bonus features for every single game. NetEnt has also started official collaborations with bands, artist and movies. Something that has turned into a great success for the company. Read more about NetEnt and all their new online casino games here:

Live Casino – The way it supposed to be

Even though video slots and video table games are nice, there is something about actually seeing a real person. With the live casino getting better and better, we really think that this way of gaming will grow during the next coming years. This may also be the best compatible game when it comes to VR technology, something that we will see even more of real soon. The live casino today gives you almost every kind of game that you can play at an actual, land-based, casino.

New Online Casino Games in the Future

We have come a long way already, and today we experience a lot of cool features and nice animations that we could only dream of just a couple of years back. However, with the constantly growing technical advancement and faster and faster connections, we will only see better and better games. VR, Virtual Reality, is knocking on the door in every kind of gaming of today. Also with the new online casino games. We have gotten a taste of it so far, but will probably get a lot more of that soon. It is exciting times to play at online casinos and it will continue in that way in the future, trust us!

History of Gambling in the United Kingdom

UK Gambling history

Today, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport regulate the country’s betting through the Gambling Commission, which was established in 2007.Their job is, ”to make gambling crime free, to make sure gambling is conducted fairly, and to protect vulnerable people and protect children.” That being said, the history of gambling goes way back and includes both legal and illegal moves that touched upon every class. It flourished again then as it does today with the sport, pub games, and casino games. Here is a rundown of the history of gambling under Her Majesty’s empire and its status today.

Opening Bets

Gambling has existed as far back as the Iron Age and the Roman Empire. From the Middle Ages to the Pre-Victorian era, gambling was prevalent, especially with the wealthy, who made their bets on horse racing.Even when attempts were made to control the violent behaviour by everyone, a black market sector for gambling still flourished.The first national lottery was legalised in 1569 by Queen Elizabeth I. Kings James I and Charles I funded overseas trips and improvement in infrastructure through lotteries. But, the golden age of gambling was in the Industrial Revolution, when the middle class started to get involved. Horse racing flourished while the bookmaking sector also grew.

The Table Is Closed

As the country went into the conservative Victorian era, anti-gambling voices started popping up.Cases of fraud and corruption eroded the belief the belief of fairness while the preaching of immoral acts grew, including gambling. Parliament’s Gaming Act of 1845 and Betting Act of 1853 restricted gambling, but short of banning it outright. This led to a rise in crime through back alley bookmakers in the streets in defiance of the 1906 Street Betting Act. The Royal Commissions on Lotteries and Betting eventually got the job of decided how to regulate gambling while cutting down on crime and increasing revenues simultaneously. In 1960, the Betting And Gaming Act formalised legal, regulated gambling in most sectors, most notably the betting shops.

An Economic Jackpot

Thanks to the reformation in 1960, the betting shop sector grew into the hundreds then thousands, as well as commercial casinos. The result was hundreds and millions of Pounds being raised for the government for all programs while also giving the individual a chance to win a lot with one single bet. The National Lottery was more liberalised before it finally reached the control of the state via the Camelot Group in 1994. As among the more popular forms of gaming, half of the collected funds are given to the winners, while the rest is split to charities, tax duty, Camelot, and overall profit. The Gambling Act of 2005 formally gave control of gaming regulations to local authorities and established the Gaming Commission.


As of 2016, almost £14 billion has been yielded, another 8,800 gaming shops are in business, and 176,400 gaming machines in use everywhere. With the rise of online gaming, the Commission has gotten involved to make sure players are not defrauded easily. It is a controversial subject, yet as equally popular and supported by the public. But, the history of gambling has proven people like to gamble at their leisure in various activities, and no law can stop them. Only proper regulation makes it safe, resulting in a win-win for the entire country.

If you want to find out more about UK Gambling and the Commision you find all the info you need at

Play safe and always be aware of the risks with online gambling!

No Deposit Casino – What is it and how does it work?

No deposit casino

A new term you may have seen trending in the mobile casino world is “No deposit casino” – but what is this exactly? With the live casino realm so populated with different gambling companies, new advertising techniques have sprung up to entice new users. One of these marketing schemes is called sign up bonuses.

Live casino business that gives you an opportunity to start gambling straight away without depositing a penny. We know what you are thinking that cannot be right, how can I win money without actually making a deposit. Well, this is not entirely that simple, as always there are always some terms and conditions to get through. Do not fear though, today we have prepared on an article to walk you through no deposit casino. Here we will explain what it is and how does it work.

Online mobile casino websites are every rising so it can be difficult to select which one to use. A great way gambling companies are attracting new players is through registering bonuses. Read on to find out what no deposit casino is and how it works.

What is the difference between this and normal sign up bonuses?

Well, the difference is in the name this bonus means when you sign up you get the credit bonus without making a deposit. Essentially it is a marketing ploy it is how casinos let people know they exist and try to get you signed up. You will find that these bonuses are not quite as big as the normal deposit sign up bonuses, but this is not a scam. These offers do exist and it is possible to win real money.

Kinds of No Deposit Casino

There are actually many different forms of bonuses that live casinos are offering. What we think the best practice for you is to sign up to several and find out what you prefer. This way you can establish what your favourite sort of gambling live casinos are. The primary type is exactly how it is worded, you create an account and receive some free credit. Generally, you will be looking at £5 or £10 only. Still, this does let you have a quick gamble and see how the casino works.

Extra Spins at No Deposit Casino 2018

A different type of sign up bonus is found with slot machines. This comes in the form of extra spins instead of credit. The ad you read will probably say something like “50 extra spins no deposit casino required.” and rest assured there is no risk with these sign-up bonuses. If you win then that money is real. However, extra spin bonuses are often set up to be used on one slot machine. And we have noticed that live casinos like to set them up on the ones where the jackpot is not so big.

New players only

What we can say is that these bonuses are reserved for the most part for new players. If you have already signed up and regularly gamble on that website then the offer is not for you. Remember these are marketing ploys to bring in more players. However, do not be sad if you are not a new player. With more players on the gambling platform, it means the jackpots for you will increase!

cricle logo

A great way to keep track of New No Deposit Casino 2018 in the United Kingdom is to follow Good luck and remember to have fun!

Betting on Horses 2018

Bet on horses

Like gambling in casinos, betting on racing tracks can be exciting and challenging provided you’re on a winning streak. Sometimes, though, the act of placing a bet and understanding what you stand to lose or gain if your horse loses or wins, is somewhat complicated. Let’s walk through the track to see if it becomes any simpler- maybe at the end of it; you’ll be an expert in the basics.


Since online betting is legal in the UK, let’s start off by placing a small bet- wait though- who’s going to accept the bet- yes, a bookie. There are reputed companies with online bookies who do just this. You’ve heard the term a ‘horse’s odds’ say 3/1- this just means if you bet £1 and your horse wins, you get £4 back (including the £1 that you bet). So if you bet £10 at the same odds, you get £10 x3= £30 plus your initial bet of £10 if your horse wins. So basically, odds would indicate how much money you get in return for your bet.

That’s not all though- there are other kinds of bets that you would need to know about

Types of bets


It is quite straightforward- In a win bet, you just place a single bet on the horse that you think is going to romp home a winner. If the horse you back finishes first you’ll get paid or else- the less said, the better.

Each Way

As the name suggests, you make two bets- you back the horse to win and the second bet is for the place, and this varies with bookmakers (usually 2nd, 3rd and 4th). This makes sense when you want to back an outsider that’s likely to make the places at least.


If you can predict that the top three horses will win places in the very same order, you can go in for a tricast. Obviously, you’ll win huge if your predictions turn out to be correct.

Double, treble, fourfold etc.

These bets are precisely what the words depict- in double you back two horse in two different races, and you win only if both the bets win for you. Treble, fourfold and so on means you back three, four and five horses in that many races. The Goliath calls for 247 separate bets placed on eight different horses in a single wager.

There are other bets that perhaps can be classified under multiple bets- Patent, Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Heinz, super Heinz and so on, where bets are placed on various horses.

Straight forecast

Two top horses that you pick must finish in the correct order for which the odds are set. That’s why this is often known as Exacta- the exact order. The reverse forecast implies that the two horses that you pick must win but in any order.

Sometimes there are late withdrawals of horses for some reason- then the odds change and are subject to what is known as a rule four deduction. Depending on whether the horse was a definite favourite or not, the odds vary accordingly.


New Casino Sites 2018 UK – What to pick and why you should be open to change

Casino Sites 2018


It can be overwhelming when you start to grasp how many new casino sites 2018 are being launched. This short article will give you some advice what to look for and what to be aware of. I will also give you some concrete tools to use in your search for new casinos sites. Enjoy!

How New Casino Sites 2018 thinks about promotions

While it has become easier to start new casino sites 2018 the competition has also become stiffer. Fresh Casinos Sites 2018 have become more aggressive and didn’t last as long as before. This is great for you as a player if you can keep up. Usually, they maximise their marketing efforts in the beginning to get a player base. I believe that this is a players market and fresh casino site 2018 will have to sacrifice their margins to offer better promotions and campaigns.

Why you should change to modern casino sites

Are you happy with your current operator and wondering why you should turn to new casinos sites 2018? As I mentioned above current operators doesn’t have the same aggressive and beneficial campaigns at a modern casino site. You can always have more than one casino and especially when most of them have the same game developers. It is not uncommon that you find the same games at different casinos site 2018. The big difference is what bonus they offer to you as a player. More on this in the next paragraph.

Promotions and Campaigns for new players

So you understand that it might be a good idea switching things up? What are you suppose to look for? Always read the modern operators terms and conditions before playing. It may also be a great idea to understand wagering requirements and the term no deposit bonus. Please read my other articles to find out more about these topics.

How you stay informed about new casino site 2018

It’s a jungle out there and might feel overwhelming when you start to follow the release of all new casinos site in the United Kingdom. My best tip for you is to read reviews and guides about modern casino sites. My Favourite site as of today is They will always list the new casino site 2018 and review their functions. I always chose fresh casinos site 2018 that has UK License and a good review. Something I have come to appreciate more and more is the customer support for the fresh casinos site. If you are a frequent player its impossible to not have some issues with the modern operator some time. When this happens, I’m grateful that I beforehand established that the casino sites 2018 had an advanced and fast customer support.

Casino Sites 2018

Conclusion of new casinos sites 2018

That is my short thoughts about new casinos sites 2018, I really hope you have gotten a better picture of modern Casino site and what you can expect. Remember to always be gamble aware and read the new casino sites terms and condition carefully. I hope you have enjoyed this article and will come back for more in the future. Thanks and good luck with your gambling!

Can you Play Casino with Bitcoin?

A revolutionary payment system is doing rounds in the digital payment sector- one that requires no signup, no PIN, no card swipe, no banks to conduct transactions and one that allows easy and fast transfer of funds. Yes, the much-touted Bitcoin is gaining in popularity and appears to be an attractive payment option even in the gambling sector.

Bitcoin and online casinos


Although this cryptocurrency is currently largely unregulated, it hasn’t deterred online gamers and operators from using it to make money transfers. As a result, there are quite a few Bitcoin casinos operating online, making it easy, especially for gamers that are against using traditional methods to deposit or withdraw money. Bitcoins can be exchanged for common currency or can be used to make payment to others using their mobile wallets.

There are a few reputed online gaming casinos in the UK that use secure Bitcoin casino software and offer a superior gaming experience with mobile support. To cater to the British gaming audience, many casino operators have been giving their online casino gaming platforms a new avatar. Bitcoin’s a useful virtual currency to use when gamers want to try out a new service or wish to make deposits against the bonus offers from online casinos.

Why bitcoins are preferred by online gamblers


  • Anonymity- transactions cannot be traced back to the gamer’s bank account, debit or credit card. Players can play casino games without revealing their identity, thus minimising the risk of online payments to a great extent.


  • Security is a significant concern, and as Bitcoin is considered as a ‘highly secure payment system in its own’, it’s a safe way to receive and make deposits in an online casino. This security is in addition to the safety that the online site already has in place.


  • Transaction fees are often the bane of payment systems, but with Bitcoin, gamers and online casinos hardly incur any. This makes it a favourable mode of payment for both. Moreover, Bank transfers can take 5-7 days to complete while international shipments can bring more to clear. Bitcoin payments are made in minutes.


  • Cost-effectiveness as both the gambler and the casino owners get to keep more of their winnings as they save money on credit card fees when customers choose to transact using bitcoin.

Cons of using Bitcoins in online casinos


  • All online casinos that use Bitcoin don’t make available all the games, so sometimes gamers will find that their favourite games are just not played in a Bitcoin-friendly casino. This does reduce their playing options to a large extent. After all, the most significant reason as to why casinos are attractive is the wide variety of games they offer.


  • Bitcoin payments cannot be reversed once the transaction is completed, so for some reason if the casino chooses to ‘shut shop’, your Bitcoins go along with it. So, you would need to do a little homework, checking out online casinos and look at the kind of track record they have as far as paying customers to go.


  • Getting Bitcoins for your Bitcoin wallet is also tricky- in the sense that you would have to obtain them from the exchange before you use them in the online casino.

However, in this digital age, bitcoins appear to have been created for online users and online casinos who don’t want the hassles of credit card and bank payments but want privacy, security and ease of use.

Find out more about No Deposit Bonus

UK No Deposit 2018With the advent of the internet, gambling has taken one more form than the existing brick and mortar form. They are online casinos. Online casinos are similar in play as a regular casino. To use them you can either play them online, or you can download casino software on your computer and play. Because such casinos require decidedly less overhead, there are many such casinos running online. This means more competition among them. To attract new players, these casinos offer various marketing gimmicks. One of the most popular marketing gimmicks is No deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus means that certain amount of money is available for the player without depositing the casino. The reward can be in the form of cash, free spins, free play etc. This can be claimed after fulfilling specific betting requirements.

Different types of No Deposit Bonus

The bonus is more closely linked to cash, but not all deposit bonuses need be in the form of cash. Different casinos offer different types of No deposit bonus. Some of the common forms of no deposit bonus are:

  1. Cashable bonus: Some amount of money is offered as a bonus. The player can use this amount to play bets. When he withdraws his winnings the bonus amount is included.
  2. Non-cashable bonus: Player can use the bonus amount to play. But at the time of withdrawing his winnings, the bonus amount is deducted from his total winnings.
  3. Free spins: Instead of offering money, the casino can offer specific free spins to the player.
  4. Free play: This is in the form of free chips that a player can use in a particular time frame only.

How to Bet No Deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is usually given to new customers of the site. This is done to make them open their account with the casino. It comes in the form of some codes- promotional or coupon. The advantage of this type of bonus is that the player is not risking his money to play. He can also claim the winnings that he earned by betting the bonus. The deposit bonus is not available for all games. Before using the no deposit bonus, it is crucial to read all the terms and conditions carefully. In case of any doubt, it should be cleared before playing. A person also has the option of declining the bonus and using his own money to play.

How to withdraw No Deposit Bonus

Different casinos have different rules for using no deposit bonus. The games that can be played would depend upon the bonus package. There are specific betting requirements too that need to be fulfilled before claiming the bonus amount. It is required that the player bets the bonus amount a certain number of times. Then only he is eligible to withdraw his winnings. Generally, at the time of paying out, the amount can be withdrawal automatically. Very rarely a person would need help from the casino support team to withdraw the money. The player needs to exercise caution while using such bonuses and be clear about all terms and conditions.